Saturday, 12 October 2013

I don't like lowcarb - to be honest

Just because I follow/advocate lowcarb, doesnt mean I like it. Infact, I think I almost hate it.

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the lowcarb foods, ill eat fatty meat everyday, no complaints. BUT, I want potatoes with my steak, I want rice with my fish, I want baked beans with my bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yes, I love my carbohydrates, especially milk, it horrifies me to no end that I need to give up milk to get weight loss. ( I can be weight stable on milk but never weight loss ).

All last week I drank an additional 300ml  ( 1500 calories roughly ) of double cream on top of my normal zero carb intake, and well, my weight hasn't budged. To add insult to injury, my waist circumference has gone down *slightly*. What would of happened if I had added 1500 calories of potatoes/rice instead of the cream. FAT EXPLOSION. my trousers would be tight and my belly bloated.

Despite all the research ive done on this blog, I still dont have the answer. All I know is that keeping my carbs near zero gets and keeps my weight down.........effortlessly. I can eat plenty of cheese and get weight loss, but adding equivalent amounts of calories in milk stops weight loss. That REALLY bugs me. Especially since milk is quite gentle on blood sugar spikes.

With the amout of time ive spent trying to point out the fallacy of the CICO logic, the irony is id be much happier if CICO was infact true and all I had to do was watch my calories to control my weight because then I could enjoy my carbohydrates. BUT IT AINT FUCKING TRUE MAN. Its the bloody carbs controlling my fat mass. Im sick of telling myself everyday *CANT HAVE THAT,  its got some glucose molecules in it!*

I suppose id be happier if I wasnt actively trying to lose fat, I can maintain weight eating some carbs, but to lose I gotta go almost zero carb. Ive learnt im prone to hypoglycemia from exercise while zero-carbing. At the gym few days ago I almost passed out from light-headedness after a few mins on the step machine ( granted I was doing near max intensity ). I also feel a bit light headed after running up alot of stairs quickly. As far as my body is concerned, anaerobic exercise and zero carb dont mix.

Well, I dont know what the problem with carbs and my body is. It sucks other people can eat what they want and stay slim. I , meanwhile, have to cut out entire food groups. Damn, I want some marmite on toast, but jeez, if I touch toast ill wake up tomorrow +10lbs.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Growth hormone dosing + fat loss stacked with zero carb

I think I have found the sweet-spot for growth hormone dosing, 2ui ( of high quality version ) taken in the morning before any food seems to yield very good body re-composition results but at the same time doesnt result in it being overly expensive. Basically its a good balance between cost and results.

There are other options for increased GH, like GHRP2 + mod grf 1-29, this causes a spike in natural growth hormone produced by the body which has more isoforms than exogenous GH, this option is also much much cheaper but has a few side effects, GHRP2 can cause increased hunger and increased cortisol.

Anyway , GH combined with zero carb produces amazing fat loss. In the last 3 weeks I dropped 5cm on my waist and I can feel how much lighter I am walking around.  Ive had a few cheat days in those 3 weeks but on the whole ive been 75% zero carb for that duration. GH is associated with insulin resistance and in particular probably induces insulin resistance in adipocytes ( link ), no doubt this is how it helps you lose body fat.

Ive had to stop the melanotan II, a few people have made comments on how dark my face has gotten compared to the rest of my body. Basically because I spent all summer only exposing my face and neck to the sun, these body parts have become exceptionally dark tanned, while the rest of my body has only darkened a little. oh well, now I have wait a few months for the colors on my face/body to equalize before I can consider doing this again. Make a note, Melanotan II doesnt work so well without atleast *some* kind of UV exposure.

I also tried Ipamorelin which was quite interesting. Its another growth hormone secretagogue although its not as potent as GHRP2, it has way less side affects. However the reason I tried this peptide was because of various anecdotal reports on bodybuilding forums of it improving sleep. I took 100mcg 1 hour or so before bed and I can confirm that sleep is improved, the sleep is deeper and you feel more refreshed in the morning.

I have a sketchy theory as to how or why this might help sleep.

Ipam is a ghrelin mimetic, and ghrelin is a slow-wave sleep promotor. In particular, I can remember something quite odd back from this study which looked at 24hr ghrelin levels in obese vs lean subjects. As we all know, obesity is associated with poor sleep. Although the arrow of causation is still tricky. Which causes which? Anyway the most peculiar thing about this study was that at night during sleep, the lean subjects exhibited a large increase in ghrelin, while the obese subjects did not.

See here.......

The bolded black part on the bottom x-axis is the period where the subjects are sleeping and as you can see, the difference between lean and obese is quite startling. *Could* this be why obesity is associated with poor sleep? Either way, I can confirm that Ipam does help with sleep. Im not saying its a cure of insomnia, It doesnt even make you drowsy, but it does seem to help with deeper sleep once sleep comes on.

I think that, if your a bad sleeper, then you really need to try EVERYTHING to resolve this, sleep is probably THE most important thing when it comes to being in good health, It doesnt matter how perfect your lifestyle, diet, or anything else is, a bad nights sleep will trump ALL OF THAT and make you feel like shit.