Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Obesity and more.....

Well it seems as ever you learn far more from reading the comments section of aritcles than the actual articles themselves.

This post is just a summation of some interesting information and to serve as a bookmark.

Brain dopamine and obesity.

"The availability of dopamine D2 receptor was decreased in obese individuals in proportion to their BMI."

Dopamine signalling is an important way for your brain to decide if ingested calories go towards energy and reproduction or if its just going to be stored in fat cells. There is some evidence that dopamine agonists ( i.e. dopamine receptor activators ) can help with keeping metabolsim high and helping partition calories towards energy production instead of storage. Drugs such as Bromocriptine and Cabergoline and Pergolide have been implicated.

Activation of dopamine D2 receptors simultaneously ameliorates various metabolic features of obese women.

"Thus these results imply that short-term bromocriptine treatment ameliorates various components of the metabolic syndrome while it shifts energy balance away from lipogenesis in obese humans."

Childhood obesity: behavioral aberration or biochemical drive? Reinterpreting the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Interesting paper by Lustig.

Attenuated GLP-1 secretion in obesity: cause or consequence?

"Postprandial GLP-1 secretion in response to oral carbohydrate is considerably attenuated in obese subjects. The cause of this attenuation of GLP-1 secretion is not known although we suggest that both this fall and the overall reduction in GLP-1 values in obese subjects may be related to an increase in plasma non-esterified fatty acids."

Thanks to Itsthewoo for pointing this paper out.

Diet high in oat β-glucan activates the gut-hypothalamic (PYY(3-36) -NPY) axis and increases satiety in diet-induced obesity in mice

Just throwing it out there. Will read up on it more when I get time.

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