Monday, 26 May 2014

Dieting update

Ive been having quite a bit of weight loss success recently, love handles have gone down a bit and waist looks tighter, also people have been giving me complements that I look "healthy".

I still have fat to lose and it is all subcutaneous fat, which is murder to get rid of. But here's what im doing at moment

Melanotan II - Ive had to stop this completely because im very dark now and get weird looks from everyone in the street.

Clenbuterol - 20-40mcg per day, im using this because I need an edge to get rid of the stubborn subcutaneous fat and especially the love handles that have higher alpha receptors. I dont really like using Clen because the sides are pretty intolerable, MAJOR headache, shaky, anxiety,, jittery etc. But hey, it works.

CJC1295 with DAC - this is a growth hormone promoter, im just experimenting with it at the moment, been on it 4-5 weeks which is probably still a bit early to talk about results.

Nicotine Gum - 4-8mg per day, mainly to help shed the fat. I havent found nicotine gum to be addictive at all. If I go without it for a few days I feel absolutely no urge to use it. Works well as an appetite suppressant.

Diet - this is the thing that has made the biggest change. Ive made up my mind to stick with a cyclic keto diet. 6 days per week will be ultra low carb, only cheese,cream, meat, seafood, vegetables, avocado,  nuts, eggs. whey, butter. Some strawberries or raspberries if im feeling a slight sugar craving.

1 day per week I do ultra high-carb BUT low fat. My carb sources have been mainly banana, honey, beans, potatoes.   Infact I do about 12 banana's during my carb re-feeds, dipped in honey.   I try to keep the carb sources clean and stay away from the dirty carb's like bread, pizza, doughnuts etc. As I said, I think its key to keep fat low during the carb refeed, So its just whey, lean meats, and carbs.

If we look at the graph below, we see that the co-ingestion of carbs with fat causes a huge spike in the intestinal hormone GIP which is known adipocyte insulin sensitizer.

So ideally, you dont want to spike your GIP through the roof and insulin sensitize all your fat cells so much. Although there is no comparison to protein + carb in this study graph so im making a bit of a guess that its not as high as with fat, but fat is known to be the strongest promoter of GIP secretion.

During my low carb days I usually make breakfast 50g whey, 50g coconut oil, 4 tablespoon vinegar.  All these have been shown to reduce waist circumference and if there's one thing everyone should take on board its that getting a tiny waist is paramount to your physical attractiveness.

Another thing I want to comment on is that LC, or rather low insulin, seems to upreglate beta-receptors. I noticed after a few days of almost zero carb im extremely sensitive to clen, also side effects of clen seem to vanish as soon as you eat something that spikes insulin. Indeed there is a study floating around out there showing that beta-receptors become phosphorylated only 30mins after insulin exposure.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the fascinating posts. Great work.

    FYI, just a ditty, but interesting:
    PLoS One. 2014 Mar 27;9(3):e92618. doi:
    10.1371/journal.pone.0092618. eCollection 2014.
    Central inflammation and leptin resistance are attenuated by
    ginsenoside Rb1 treatment in obese mice fed a high-fat diet.
    conclusion: "Ginsenoside Rb1 has potential for use as an
    anti-obesity therapeutic agent that modulates obesity-induced
    inflammation and improves central leptin sensitivity in HF
    diet-induced obesity."


  2. That's great and I'm happy to read of your success.
    I really appreciate your blog and your efforts.
    Sincere thanks for your continuous hard work.


  3. Kindke: something else that may interest you, especially wrt to the CJCs: this guy "datbtrue" seems to know a lot and has written in detail about the various ghrh stuff available; comparative values, etc.; e.g. here:

    Note that he does not like the CJCs. See the link for context, full info.

  4. Hi just reading your tweets on reboxetine; never heard of it and surprised on searching that its an AD. How does it work differently to others in it's AD effects I wonder. I'm on fluoexetine and at some stage it will poop out on me but it has been good in not gaining weight, unlike something like effexor that was horrible with weight gain.

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