Saturday, 20 June 2015

All roads lead to no-where

Well I think this blog is coming to an end with regards to obesity research.

Ive spent the last 5 years and countless hours of my personal time going through thousands of studies on pubmed to try and solve this riddle that is obesity and I think I can safely say at this point I know more about this disease than 99.99% of other people out there including most doctors.

I dont consider myself to be especially clever, probably just above average, but the truth is in the details, and the research is there on pubmed for all to see for themselves.  That is what I have done.

If your one of the people reading this blog, or ANY other blog or website looking for the "special secret" thats going to finally make you lose weight and get slim, and STAY slim,.... well im sorry to say but you should stop wasting your time because it does not exist.  Do not be fooled by advertisements like "beach body, get slim" and my favorite "burn fat!" because its all a load of bollox.

This idea that "burning fat" is going to get you and keep you slim is the most retarded thing going. Obese people do not have a problem "burning fat", they have a problem of excessively storing triglyceride.  And fundamentally this is caused by gene expression changes in the adipocyte  and by having too many extra fat cells.

Obesity almost certainly involves the proliferation of pre-adipocytes and is best likened to a mole on the skin, I.E. a permanent growth of the skin cells. Unfortunately while the function of skin cells is just to produce melanin, the function of adipocytes  is to horde large amounts of triglyceride which results you gaining alot of physical weight.

There are currently no drugs on the market or even black market that is going to help you get and stay slim. I know because Ive tried most of them. The "weight loss" industry is nothing but a huge scam.

Lowering your insulin does offer *some* marginal relief, but your still fighting an uphill battle. There is however no *secret* to low carbing just as there is no secret to anything else weight related. its 90% genetic in my opinion.

Low carb will certainly improve your metabolic health and can certainly alleviate diabetes, but whether or not you will get slim is dependent on genetics. Pretty much EVERYTHING about you is almost entirely dependent on genetics.

And stop trying to eat less, your about as likely to get slim eating less as you are to shrink that mole on your back by eating less.

Anyway, I will continue to post on new studies as and when they become available and/if they offer new information, but for the most part, and without bragging, Ive been through all of pubmed, and they dont have an answer yet.

The cause of the disease is quite clear at the moment, it is hyper-insulin and/or hyperglycemic driven growth of the adipose tissue depots, and I firmly believe and growth of the pancreas also happens. The cure, though, if there even is one, doesn't currently exist. Although it might seem that bariatric surgery *cures* obesity, I dont believe this is what is happening. Rather it is just a profound change in hormonal signalling throughout the body which probably also causes various gene expression changes including in adipose tissue. I'd bet that if the surgery could be reversed, the weight and diabetes would return.


  1. I agree with everything you have said. But I still do not want to return to what I was. There is no secret, but learning to live with the craving, hunger, irrational hunger, what ever the words are, is the real solution. Since 2008 I have learned a great deal, lost 66 kg and regained 20, but also must be much closer to a solution. It is a live choice, and we live in a sick society. It is a uphill battle against the current. It is replacing habit with rational decisions and enforcing those self made choices by philosophy and logic. Doing what is right only because it is right to do it, regardless of society. My choice is struggle or eat and die.

    I wish you well, but suggest you do not burn any bridges. Letting them fall in disuse is bad enough. We are born to cooperate if humanity is to flourish, and overcoming this obesity condition is no different.

  2. I felt pretty weight stable back when I was more low-carb paleo, but I started working out, intentionally trying to put on muscle, which also puts me in a position to rapidly gain fat. I had a three lbs weight gain last week, at which I reminded myself of what you have said on this blog. I can lose those three lbs pretty easily, but it just goes to show how closely I need to monitor things. Part of me really wants to stop thinking about food.

    1. yes weight reduced people need to monitor their food and weight 24/365 pretty much exactly like how a diabetic needs to monitor their blood sugar constantly. Its an all day everyday job that stays with you for life.

      and even then, your monitoring may not be enough and you can find yourself re-gaining weight anyway.

      Its disgusting that ignorant people ( and doctors ) assign so much personal responsibility and blame on people for their weight when its blatantly clear the body is constantly trying to push you and keep you fat

    2. If there is an answer, I think it will lie in epigenetics. I am currently trying a resveratrol patch, mostly for its supposed effects on the thyroid. Additionally, I do think added muscle will help. I was weight stable for a while, but I was also tired a lot. That, some unexplained pain, and my impulse to continue to experiment led me into the gym. Doctors seem quite useless nowadays.