Monday, 5 March 2012

Adipose tissue stores glycogen - I told you to watch those carbs Joe!

Oh oh oh, this is interesting. How the fuck is it that no-one talks about adipose tissue storing glycogen? Its all making sense now, remember all those studies showing how insulin resistence in adipocytes makes you lean and mean, WELL NOW WE FUCKING KNOW WHY!

Enhanced glycogen metabolism in adipose tissue decreases triglyceride mobilization.

Stranger in a strange land: roles of glycogen turnover in adipose tissue metabolism.

Both these studies are free full text, going to read over them and update this post when ive made my own conclusions.


OK having read both the studies there isn't anything that novel or interesting. The authors are very quick to always point out that ultimately, calories in / calories out is what matters most, hinting at a possible underlying bias.

The only unexpected finding was that elevated glycogen levels in adipose tissue significantly inhibits triglyceride hydrolysis.

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