Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Melanotan II crushed my appetite.

So I been running this at 1mg per day for several weeks now, and im still nowhere near the tanning level I would like to be. As noted previously, theres been some developments however, my skin has undergone much higher pigmentation, lots of new freckles have shown up and some older freckles went REALLY dark. The strangest thing is , without sounding too crude, my penis has an amazing tan despite not seeing even a single photon of UV light.

I dont know what it is but my body is just severely resistant to tanning it seems. But the thing that has struck me the most is the reduction in appetite. Its been phenomenal. In the last week I have been literally having to force myself to eat, im currently running at around 1200 calories per day. Nothing in the fridge looks tasty. Most of my calories have been coming from milk. Even when I ordered a 15inch meat feast pizza I could only eat 2 slices before feeling COMPLETELY full, normally I could eat the whole thing no prob.

Today I even puked up half a tin of salmon I ate for dinner because it felt like "too many calories".

So have I lost any weight? Well yes, but I dont think its as much as it should of been given how little im eating.  Melanotan II has taught me that without a shadow of a doubt hormones control feeding. If your hungry and eating alot, its purely because your hormones are communicating this message to you, and has nothing to do with the reward value of the food or gluttony.

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