Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An easy way to increase testosterone......

During my research into steroids one of the more interesting studies that cropped up was this.....

Pharmacokinetics and dose finding of a potent aromatase inhibitor, aromasin (exemestane), in young males.

Aromasin is an aromatase inhibitor, it works by binding irreversibly to the aromatase enzyme, so that other steroids like testosterone cant bind to it. In this study young males were given 25mg per day ( which is the standard tablet size ) for 10 days.

At the end of the 10 days, total testosterone had increased ~60% but free testosterone ( that is, the testosterone that is actually free to bind the androgen receptor ) increased by 117%. The reason this works is because estrogen is reduced as a result of the aromatase blockage, and estrogen is the main negative feedback signal to the hypothalamus to decrease LH secretion. So with lower estrogen in the system, more LH is secreted and more testosterone is made. Its a double whammy aswell, because with aromatase blockage, less testosterone is lost in the conversion to estrogen.

Infact another recent report even suggested aromatase inhibitors may be of benefit to obese men who suffer from hypogonadism due to the excess estrogen that usually accompanies obesity.

Whether or not this increased testosterone will result in anabolic affects however is up for debate. However if you think your suffering from low testosterone, aromasin could be of some help. Aromasin is actually quite a safe drug, with minimal side affects, but it is slightly pricey.

Note in the first study, estrogen levels returned to normal 3-6 days after aromasin withdrawal, so the drug must be continuously taken to keep the increased levels of testosterone. Bear in mind also, estrogen is actually a very important hormone in men, lower is not necessarily better. Low estrogen will absolutely murder your sex drive and ability to get an erection, in a similar way low testosterone will.


  1. Is exemestane the new arimidex?

  2. That AI's could increase T was actually new to me when I was researching, you can do something similiar with clomid and nolva aswell but you get an accompanying increase in estrogen with those.

    I only mention aromasin because its has the least sides of the AI's. Also with letro and adex you can easily suppress estrogen too much, very low estrogen is very unpleasant

  3. Good find, thanks.

    Here's another item:

    Letrozole: Designing a Smart First Cycle Without the Use of
    Anabolic Steroids
    September 10, 2001 By Michalovich Dharkam

    ... idea being to use letrozole (aromatase inhibitor) to increase
    testosterone. There's a few papers on this. What is remarkable is
    how the most infinitessimal doses cause marked effects on T. Also,
    how efficacy seems to be level across all doses from the smallest
    up to 1.0 mg; i.e. it seems that you don't have to use more than
    a few dozen MICROgrams of the stuff to get the desired effect:

    0.02 mg increased testosterone by 45% after 2 days
    0.1 mg increased testosterone by 49% after 2 days
    0.5 mg increased testosterone by 48% after 2 days
    1.0 mg increased testosterone by 41% after 2 days
    2.5 mg increased testosterone by 74% after 3 days
    10 mg increased testosterone by 97% after 2 days
    30 mg increased testosterone by 113% after 3 days

    ... hence a single 2.5 mg tablet (2500 mcg) could theoretically
    constitute 125 doses of 20mcg each. At that point you would be
    taking only the tiniest bits of the crushed tablet. No dose
    accuracy, but then it probably does not matter as long as you
    are close when averaged over several days.

    I agree with your concern about low estrogen. For some guys, a
    little supplementary testosterone along with the
    (ultra-low-dose) aromatase inhibitor might hit the sweet spot.