Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My experience with steroids

As mentioned previously, I finished a steroid cycle some weeks ago and I just want to make a small blog post on my experiences.

Originally I started taking testosterone ( 500mg 1x injection per week, rotating quads and glutes ) to help with my depression. Another reason I started testosterone is also because I badly wanted to try  Anavar which was reported to be especially good at reducing subcutaneous belly fat. I couldnt run the Anavar alone you see, because it would result in shutdown of testicular production of testosterone.

Anyway, after spending sometime researching the whole subject ( which was really fascinating ) I decided to get over my needle anxiety and start a cycle. Im no bodybuilder, I wasnt looking to gain huge amounts of muscle, just to deal with my depression and re-composition my body a bit. The first thing I would say is that the injections themselves are relatively painless. I used a 25gauge needle, and apart from the awkwardness of injecting into your own bum it was much easier than I thought. There can be some after pain, referred to as *pip* ( post injection pain ). I did get this on my first few shots, but as my skill injecting improved so did the pip. One tip is not to let the needle wiggle around when its in the muscle.

It took about 2 weeks before I started to notice changes in musculature and strength, however I noticed psychological changes within 48 hours. Suddenly I was EXTREMELY confident, much more assertive than I normally am, and would hold eye contact much more during conversations. Contrary to poplar belief, I did not experience any change in aggressiveness. One thing that testosterone clearly does is greatly increase your belief in yourself. Libido also increased. and my forehead and chest got extremely greasy.

Luckily I experienced only a very mild increase in acne, some people apparently really breakout badly with acne with high androgens. 6 weeks into the cycle I had gained only small amounts of muscle, my belly fat had gone down quite a bit which I was happy with ( thanks Anavar ), and my strength was up ALOT. But by far the best improvements were the psychological ones, the feeling of well-being was euphoric. Steroids make you feel like you can do *anything*.

At this point I made a big mistake and added Trenbolone. I dont know why, probably because I was still desperate to drop bodyfat plus so far I had experienced almost no negative side-effects from the testosterone and anavar. Trenbolone is notorious for its side-effects and I can say that is very true. I noticed immediately upon adding the Tren that I become short-tempered ( very unlike me ), but by far the worst thing was the insomnia, I was sleeping 3 hours per night and it was completely ruining me. One thing I noticed, which might be placebo, was that people seemed to be acting in a naturally more supplicating/timid way towards me while I was on the tren. I stopped going to the gym due to being completely fatigued all the time. And I was sweating badly constantly. I had to wait several weeks for it to clear form my system due to the long ester version.

After that, I increased the testosterone dosage to 750mg per week, then a few weeks later ended the cycle. I used HCG throughout cycle to avoid testicular atrophy. It is commonly advised to use an aromatase inhibitor during cycle to combat estrogen and gyno, HOWEVER I believe this is because most people running steroids are also running highly insulinogenic diets that promote hyperinsulinemia, and insulin is a strong activator of the aromatase enzyme. I spent alot of money on aromasin and found it to be a COMPLETE waste, because not once did I ever experience signs of high estrogen. ( I was still lowcarb during the cycle ). Infact the few times I did try taking the aromasin I immediately experienced signs of LOW estrogen, such as achy joints/spine and complete loss of libido.

Well, I am now 2 months since the end of my cycle, Ive lost pretty much all the muscle I had gained ( mostly because I stopped going to the gym ). however I do seem to have retained some of the strength gains. Yes, im going to run steroids again in the future, However I will stick to just testosterone, anavar, and dianabol. IF theres one thing I learnt its to keep side-effects to an absolute minimum.

I think the stigmatization surrounding steroids is completely overblown, sure they are open to abuse just like any drug. I find this especially amusing since just about EVERYONE in the sports and fitness industry is on steroids. ALL Olympic athletes are on these compounds, as most probably 99% of sports stars are. Even movie actors are taking these things in high doses just to look good for movies.  ( Thor, Bane, etc ).

Personally I predict a massive explosion of steroid use in the future, especially as we learn to control the negative side effects of them. People dont want to be just average, they want to be GREAT.

P.S. sorry for the dark tone this blog is taking, but I have warned people previously that this is my personal space.


  1. Test will also shut you down. Have you run any PCT? I've read many use clomid (clomiphene citrate)

    And I'm not sure if it was trenbolone, but one of the newer prohormones caused permanent shut down in many bodybuilding.com bros so it's probably better to stay with tried and true AAS...

    I'll mention that 750mg is a huge dose though :) physiological levels need about 150mg/week in average sized men. And that's youthful physiological levels.

    Stay safe kindke. Don't share needles ;)

    1. Aye dont worry I did the research I know what will shut you down ( pretty much everything ), I didnt run PCT because on well informed advice 1000iu HCG 1x per week would keep testicular function near normal.

      I aint interested in prohormones tbh, however the 19-nor compounds, tren and deca are suppose to be pretty harsh on recovery. Its taken me 6 weeks or so to recover, I needed a few additional 2500 HCG shots to get my balls back online. I experienced *slight* atrophy in my left testicle which was strange, the right one stayed normal size.

      Also ive read normal healthy males produce about 3-7mg testosterone per day, so even 150mg per week seems overkill BUT its true that 150mg is a standard trt dose.

      As I said I will be sticking with testosterone, anavar and dianabol, I would of liked to try masteron/winny but theres been too many reports of them causing severe hair loss. thats a road I definitely dont want to go down just yet..... :)

  2. One more thing I should add is that being on gear completed eliminated DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness ) where as before I would experience quite bad DOMS after some gym sessions, I never experienced a single case of DOMS while on, also I found I could train much more frequently, normally I would require 3-4 days recovery between training a particular muscle group, but on gear I could re-train the same group literally within 24 hours, the next day.

  3. Interesting post, Kindke. My experience in these sorts of things is limited to observing friends - almost all of them end up looking 'puffy', with not a noticeable long term gain in muscle mass (their only reason for doing it) after the course had finished and the puffiness had subsided. It seems that your particular combination did not cause this? It was years ago that this happened and I seem to remember the name Stanazol, but have almost no idea what that is.

    All the best.

    1. Stanazol is winny, actually it is noted for causing dryness and reducing puffiness. Dianabol on the other-hand is famous for causing puffiness and this is due to water retention. Personally I believe these effects are due to diet, "bulking" as they call it usually involves not only high calories but lots of carbs and refined carbs. Insulin will be through the roof, as will aromatase activation and estrogen. Estrogen will cause significant water retention.

      I experienced no bloat/puffiness during my cycle as I was moderate LC almost the whole time ( 80-100g per day carbs ).

      I have lost almost all my muscle bulk now im off, however I do remember a video by icecreamfitness where he states studies done on steroid users vs non-steroid users found permanent increases in muscle fibre number in the steroid users. This sounds eerily like the phenomenon of "permanent" increases in fat cell number that often accompanies obesity.

  4. I recommend these links for further reading for people interested in testosterone administration.....

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2104626 - 300mg testosterone administration in young men for 6 months

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1172906 - effect of testosterone administration on fertility

    http://www.steroidology.com/forum/anabolic-steroid-forum/153723-300mg-vs-600mg-testosterone.html - effects of testosterone and different supra-physiological



  5. It's not muscle fiber number but myonuclei number that increases and stays:
    "Myonuclei acquired by overload exercise precede hypertrophy and are not lost on detraining. "

  6. Never done steroids and probably never will, as I don't mind my girly boy body, sure would like a bit of mass but probably will go for that while staying keto in a few weeks after cutting an inch or two, but as to your feeling of confidence and strong libido, I can say I definitely feel that when I have been eating steak every meal for 3-5 days continuously, this is my normal diet, except for right now where I am eating lean seafood, tasty, but nothing compared to fat ribeye or fatty lamb. Lamb, goat, beef, yum.

  7. Also pretty interesting that you think that all hollywood and fitness people are taking steroids. Thor was massive in Thor 2, crazy huge. It would explain a lot. Pretty kwazy werld tho.

  8. But Anavar is 100% better and safer than other steroids. Anavar works better especially when it comes to women.

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