Friday, 3 September 2010

Speed of movement in Resistence exercise again

I myself have found a good way to do reps is 3 seconds concentric and 1 second eccentric. (with a momentary pause at the top and bottom of the rep of about 0.5-1 seconds, just go with what feels natural and comfortable with you ) Focusing on eccentric motions really only increases strength in the eccentric motion but in addition is causes extreme pain, severe DOMS, and limits the total number of reps you perform.

Meanwhile, focusing a bit more on the concentric is beneficial for overall strength, the slow movement means you maintain a higher degree of motor unit activation thoughout the range of motion and you get a deep feeling of contraction and which is satisfactory and lets you know that the targeted muscle group is really getting a good workout.

Working with a 3 second concentric phase will also probably mean that you are working with a lighter weight overall, which I dont think matters aslong as you go close to failure.

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