Sunday, 19 February 2012

Calcium and MCT's

The calcium-sensing receptor affects fat accumulation via effects on antilipolytic pathways in adipose tissue of rats fed low-calcium diets.

Rodents fed a calcium deficient diet had greater visceral fat mass than those who were fed higher levels of calcium. I don't think that calcium supplementation would help with weight loss, but I think the point is that if your calcium deficient, it could be hard to shift that flab.

Medium chain fats are directly transported to the liver via the hepatic portal circulation and turned into ketones, diet-induced thermogenesis is accelerated as a result.

Medium chain fats increase Hormone sensitive lipase in fat mass,

Rodents fed the MCT diet had a higher number of fat cells than rodents fed the long chain fatty acid diet. Now that is weird. rodents fed the LCFA diet had a small amount of very large fat cells, while mice fed the control diet had a very large number of tiny fat cells.

Rodents fed the MCT diet had the lowest fat mass out of all the groups.

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