Monday, 30 April 2012

Lowcarb Bread - Fermentation radio chat BBC

My lowcarb bread + stuff arrived today, despite first discovering Atkins back in 2002'ish, this is the first time Ive actually tried any of the lowcarb food substitutes. Seems im "late" to the party lawl. Taste and texture are actually OK, quite close to normal bread, although they do not seem to contain significant fibre.

This stuff is fucking expensive though. Those activa cookies were advertised as lowcarb in the store however after checking the box they have 6g per cookie, seems a bit high tbh considering the cookies are quite small. The bread certainly gets a thumbs up however.

One of my colleagues sent me this BBC radio chat on the lost art of fermentation. I personally think fermented foods are a critical part of a good diet. There is one part in the radio chat where it is said that up until the 1960's most bread actually went through a more thorough fermentation process. Its not appreciated how fantastic vinegar/acetic acid foods are.

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