Wednesday, 18 April 2012

U.S. government buys Hollow Point Bullets by the millions!

This is one of the more scary stories to come out, that is related to the impending economic apocalypse. The article makes a very good point, why is the US government buying 450 million of these expensive bullets? You dont buy expensive weaponary unless you *feel* as though there made be a need for it.

The article also mentions record firearm sales across all of america. As if everyone knows about the coming apocalypse and is preparing for it. Is the US government aware of the mess it has created? The mess whereby they have allowed many women to breed large dysfunctional families because it has supported them with welfare ( by money printing ) in hopes for a return in the future by getting extra votes? The whole situation stinks.

With this mass bullet purchase, does the US government now prepare to *put down* the wild animal it has helped raise?

Daily I have my eye on the financial markets and everytime I see Gold surging up I get slightly worried. Its only a matter of time before the government starts printing more money to fuel thier grand welfare scheme. 50% of the working peoples taxes goes to welfare!!!!! fifty fucking percent!!!!! Politicians will ultimately only do what protects themselves, not the rest of us. Trust is fragile in the free market, this is such a valuable lesson I learnt from playing in PvP realms in World Of Worldcraft. Strike first and strike hard.

Urgh, maybe I should lay off the Cabergoline, it just makes me a anxious nervous wreck.

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  1. They've created a monster with their fake money and now they will have to deal with it.