Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cross-talk between adipose and gastric leptins

Cross-talk between adipose and gastric leptins for the control of food intake and energy metabolism.

" In accordance with the lipostatic theory stated by Kennedy in 1953, leptin was originally discovered in white adipose tissue. Its expression by other tissues was later established."

"Among them, the gastric mucosa has been shown to secrete large amounts of leptin."

" However while adipose tissue secretes leptin in a slow constitutive endocrine way, the gastric mucosa releases leptin in a rapid regulated exocrine fashion into the gastric juice."

"Scrutiny into transport mechanisms revealed that a significant amount of the exocrine leptin crosses the intestinal wall by active transcytosis."

" Exocrine-secreted gastric leptin thus participates in a physiological axis independent in terms of time and regulation from that of adipose tissue to rapidly control food intake and nutrient absorption."

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