Friday, 5 August 2011

Incretin's continued......

Role of incretins in the regulation of bone metabolism

"GIP has anabolic effects on bone mainly by stimulating osteoblastic bone formation through intermittent elevation of intracellular cAMP levels. On the other hand, GLP-1 is suggested to regulate bone resorption indirectly through the thyroid C cell."

Effects of GIP receptor antagonist for treatment of obesity

"GIP receptor antagonists possess favorable effects such as, decreased body adiposity or improvement of glucose intolerance through change of fat metabolism in high-fat diet induced or genetically induced obese experimental animals.

Loss of incretin effect is a specific, important, and early characteristic of type 2 diabetes.

Good review and free article.

Reversal of obesity and insulin resistance by a non-peptidic glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist in diet-induced obese mice.

"Different from Boc5 treatment, caloric restriction did not affect adiposity significantly and circulating adipocytokines levels remained abnormal"

"These apparent differences imply that the regulatory role exerted by Boc5 (and hence, incretin mimetics in general) on lipid metabolism is independent of its inhibition on food intake."

Well well well, so much for the whole calorie restriction thing.

"Our results indicate that the basal glucose incorporation was significantly elevated in adipocytes isolated from obese mice while their response to insulin stimulation was severely impaired"

"the role of caloric restriction (pair-feeding) in modifying fat cell lipogenesis and lipolysis was minimal"

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