Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Protein and Insulin secretion / AUC

A study looking at the various affects of different protein sources on insulin and blood glucose. The protein sources were Tuna, Egg white, Turkey, Whey.

Whey was very effective in lowering blood glucose, with fish a very close second. The sharp drop in blood glucose would almost certainly be accompanied by a strong surge in glucagon. Not surprisingly, Whey also produced the most vicious insulin spike, much higher than all the other protein sources. However at 180 mins after the meal all insulin levels were essentially back to baseline for all the protein sources.

In a buffet meal following the protein test meal, the subjects consuming the whey protein consumed the LEAST calories in the buffet, and the whey protein group reported the highest degree of satiation. Egg white was the least satiating protein, and compared to whey, it actually produced a slight rise in blood glucose before causing it to dip, unlike whey which seemingly only produced a strong dip in blood glucose.

This study was done in lean healthy people, but what it highlights yet again is that calories DO NOT COUNT.

Whats counts is HORMONES

If calories were all that mattered, the test subjects should have all consumed roughly the same amount of calories at the buffet.


  1. stepping back a couple of posts -- is that right, alcohol is metabolized via ketone production? oooooh.... (forgive my over-exuberance, but i have about 6 oz. of gin in my system right now.)

  2. ethanol metabolism is complicated and im certainly no experton it, but I think it should convert to ketones provided your insulin is low, ( ketogenesis cannot proceed with high insulin ).

    Dont forget we have a thing called alcoholic ketoacidosis.