Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Niacin to beat infections?

Another new study which caught the attention of the media is about how niacin ( nicotinamide ) has the potential to boost the bodies white blood cells when taken in large doses ( large doses meaning 2g+ per day ), this boost in immune response allows you to better fight off virus and bacteria infections.

I first saw it reported here ( I would invite people to read this and the comments for themselves )

Apparently you can even kill deadly MRSA with high dose niacin! No need to spend hours in freezing cold water AKA Jack Kruse.

Nicotinamide is the version of niacin that I kind of dont like because it doesnt cause the skin flushing affect, personally I would stick with nicotinic acid, the flushing variety. REMEMBER the secret to niacin is to take it away from food and to fast for 5-6 hours after because it makes your serum FFA spike which in turns make you severely glucose intolerant and insulin resistant.

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