Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dont stop exercising, it makes you fat

Cessation of physical exercise changes metabolism and modifies the adipocyte cellularity of the periepididymal white adipose tissue in rats.

Im still waiting to get the full text of this study but thought id throw up the abstract. The message from this study seems to be that, if you stop exercising, you activate a lipogenic gene profile in adipocytes that seeks to fatten you up.

This lipogenic gene profile seems to go above and beyond what you would of had if you had just been sedentary and never exercised instead. So in this context it looks like, its better to not start an exercise regime at all, rather than start it then stop it later.

If you start an exercise regime, better keep it up forever!

Compared with T, the isolated adipose cells (D rats) showed a 48% increase in both basal and maximally insulin-stimulated lipogenesis

This is as I suspected previously, I.E. that the adipocyte phenotype can control its size independent of numbers calories going in the organisms mouth. ( when I say adipocyte phenotype I simply the mean particular gene expression of an individual adipocyte, and the different ratio's of receptors on its surface etc.)


  1. Interesting study; I'll send you the full text. Where to?

  2. I suspect this is secondary to negative energy balance vs exercise per se. In other words the rodents while exercising are in negative energy balance, the same as if they were caloric restricted ("dieting") and when they stop the exercising it would be the metabolic and endocrine equivalent of refeeding. This is well known trigger to promote adipogenesis.

    Anecdotally it seems rather common that professional athletes put on body fat when they stop sports, and I suspect it is likely related to this "refeeding" phenomenon well known to promote escalating body fatness in dieting women.

  3. Detraining = refeeding. Nice observation, Woo. Possibly confirmed by the decreased PREF1 & increased adiponectin (according to the authors, fwiw)
    - woulda loved to have seen a GTT.

    1. Writing a series on weight regulation Bill. I cant' wait to tear adiponectin a new one. Darling hormone for insulin sensitivity = largely implicated in "regain plus change" phenomenon in cylical dieting.

  4. It looks like practicing ELMM is the best way to get fat on a long run.