Sunday, 14 July 2013

Delta-sleep inducing peptide - FAIL?

In my on-going effort to mitigate the affects of my shift work and improve my sleep, I tried the injectable version of delta-sleep inducing peptide. Took 100mcg in the afternoon via subcutaneous injection in the belly, through an insulin needle.

I felt quite sleepy for about 2 hours after, then went back to normal. delta-sleep inducing peptide ( DSIP ) is suppose to help sleep, and especially improve slow-wave sleep. according to the literature, it doesn't matter what time of you day you take it, and its affects supposedly last for a few days after 1 injection.

Anyway, the morning after my first shot I felt quite groggy and had the classic fatigue that is associated with severely reduced REM sleep. I know when I have had reduced REM sleep because my thinking is slow and lazy, motivation to do anything is low as is general energy levels. Well so, DSIP has been a FAIL on the first night.

some info on DSIP can be found here

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