Sunday, 1 May 2016

The truth about obesity - and my weight loss recommendations

Everyday I read more bullshit and stupidness from people who are suppose to be clever and well researched about obesity, including doctors and research authors themselves. Your all wrong. You dont know jack fuck shit.

Having said that, there are a handful of lab guys out there who kinda know what they are doing and it is from their studies that I have gained the most insight and formed my own conclusions.

- obesity has an extremely large genetic component, and the analogy I like to compare it to is tanning, the response to tanning is a graded scale due to genetics and MC1R polymorphism, likewise Im pretty sure the susceptibility of pre-adipocytes to differentiate into fully mature adipocytes probably also has a graded scale.

- overeating is not the "cause" of obesity, signal transduction in pre-adipocytes to differentiate and high insulin are the causes of obesity.

- obesity is basically a "growth" of the adipose tissue depot. exactly like a mole on the skin is a growth or the growth of breat tissue in males as gyno. the reason adipose depots are large and heavy and store fat is because thats what adipocytes do, their chromatin is unraveled to expose gene's that synthesize large amounts of triglyceride and package it in central lipid droplet. Uuder-eating may temporarily reduce the amount of triglyceride an adipocyte can hoard, but it wont last, the solution is to dedifferentiate or kill the adipocyte

- obesity is best thought of as a disease of excess fat retention. That last word being absolutely key.

- obesity is largely irreversible because it is a growth of the tissue, tissue growths are permanent in most cases i can think of.

- starving yourself or cutting calories is futile, neither of these mechanisms have been shown to cause adipocyte dedifferentiation or apoptosis. It will shrink adipocytes from their hypertrophic state, but that is all.

- fat people eat more because they have more adipose tissue to feed. This is back to Taubes logic and it is correct, people eat more because they are getting fat.

- fat people have higher energy expenditures because they have more tissue, and this is another reason they eat more, they are eating enough to satisfy their higher energy expenditures.

- obesity resistance is real, just like tanning resistance is real. There is no such thing as will power when  it comes to controlling eating, if you think otherwise, take a shot of GHRP6 and try to stop yourself eating.

- weight regain after dieting is the norm because the adipose tissue depot genetic profile remains intact, The size of an adipocyte is determined by the epigenetic configuration of its adipogenic gene's, such as PPARg,  glut4, caveolin-1,  SREBP1c ,   etc.  Adipocytes do not accumulate fat indefinitely, they accumulate as much as the adipogenic gene's dictate and then stop, this is why adipocytes incubated under identical cultures come out all different sizes.

- insulin causes adipocyte hypertrophy aswell as differentiation of pre-adipcoytes, this is why its the key hormone to control.

Weight loss Recommendations

Keeping in mind that weight loss is extremely difficult and maintaining that weight loss is next to impossible, but if you still want to have a go my recommendation is basically atkins with some intermittent fasting and weight lifting in the gym.

- minimize insulin secretion, low carbs but also watch the dairy, cheese , cream, butter is ok, milk and yogurt and even whey should be avoided.

- stick to whole foods with minimal processing.

- small amounts of fruit is ok, no bananas though.

- high protein, I dont recommend low protein at all even if its ketogenic, forget about ketones, the goal of fat loss is to minimize insulin signal transduction in adipocytes, this also allows higher beta-adrenergic signal transduction which is what causes the weight loss!

- protein is important for satiation, another reason to keep it high, Hungry dieters will be unsuccessful.

- intermittent fasting helps but low carbing gets your most of the way there. 8-16 is fine imo.

- try to go to the gym and lift weights, HIIT style exercise is also good.

If you stick to all these points and still find yourself fat or failing to get to your goal weight, its not your fault, you have just created so much fat tissue growth that its not reversible,  only liposuction will help.



  1. Great stuff! I agree. Thank you for putting this post up.

  2. Great summery! I would add - pay attention to your sleep. Somehow people have tendency to compensate a lack of sleep with extra eating.

    1. ofcourse, sleep is critical to life and weight regulation for sure. I dont think anyone would ever dispute that.

  3. Keep Insulin low but protein high, how to do that though as protein is insulinogenic too? How much protein to have per KG of body weight as minimum? How many carbs per day? If a large component of obesity is genetic, how can be a sudden rise in obesity be explained? Have our genes changed so quickly?

    1. About modern rise in obesity. It is just my personal opinion, but after reading about nutrition issues for a while , I have noticed that the people in traditional societies eat basically within a wide spectrum of macronutrients ratio, some even consume wheat and stay thin (while health issues may differ), however they have long fasting periods between meals. On another hand, travelers report that Inuit females, who spent all their lives indoor around food, were on a fat side. It looks that fasting compensates for flows in a nutrition composition. If it is true than the opposite is correct - a current frequent snacking exaggerates modern diet macronutrients composition and other(like consuming a lot of liquid calories)flaws. For the people who are very prone to a fat accumulation, low-carbing is crucial, but many individuals who are fat only because they eat/drink all the time, may get thinner if they start eating only 2 - 3 times a day. An unprecedented in a human history ready-to-eat food availability is the reason why so many are fat nowadays.

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