Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Horizon BBC - Truth about Fat

Horizon from the BBC are airing a new show tonight, an earlier preview from the BBC Breakfast gave a hint as to what they will talk about, in particular it seems to be about the roux-en-y surgery and how it causes dramatic increase in gut hormones that signal satiation and trigger energy expenditure.

I have blogged quite extensively on this, GLP-1 is the main hormone, also included is the fact that bile acids hyper-activate the TGR5 receptor in this type of surgery.


OK, after seeing the program I am slightly disappointed, however the doctor did mention one thing that was painfully true, "obese people generally do not feel that hungry, but when they start eating, they find it difficult to stop"

This is how I would feel all the time eating a mixed diet of carbs/fat/protein. Remember there is no receptor for calories, but we do have receptors for PYY and GLP-1, if those receptors are not activated properly after a meal, your body will not even realise that you had something to eat and will think your still starving and that a famine is going on, it doesn't matter that your 300lbs.

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