Monday, 7 May 2012

Your body knows things that you do not.

I hope I dont gross anyone out here but I just want to highlight a funny analogy. I have a hard lump of dome shaped skin on one of my toe knuckles, its most likely a callus. Anyway, its been there for many years and apart from it being ugly to look at, its not a problem and doesnt hurt.

The interesting thing is that many times in the past I have attempted to cut it off, often enduring extreme pain and lots of gushing blood in the process. But guess what? No matter how perfect I make the cut, or how much skin I cut away, it ALWAYS grows back to the exact same size and shape.

I dont know, maybe im eating too much protein?!

Kinda makes you think about adipose tissue mass and weight gain / re-gain after dieting doesnt it?

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