Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fats reduce protein catabolism?

Just a quick update, I dont really have time to blog at the moment since I have alot going on in my real life. My father died in June and I have been suffering with pretty severe depression since then. It caused me to start steroids, mainly because testosterone is the best anti-depressant available to men. Anyway, ive come off them now, it was interesting and certainly helped me cope with the depression. I also managed to fall for a girl I apparently have no chance with, which has been a MAJOR headache. So yeh, my life is pretty fucked up at the moment.

Well, I dont want to discuss too much of my personal goings on here, I found this study today which seems to provide some answer to the strange paradoxical question, why would you lose muscle mass on a hypo-caloric diet despite consuming surplus protein? ( say 800 calories per day 150g protein ).

Hepatic amino acid-degrading enzyme expression is downregulated by natural and synthetic ligands of PPARĪ± in rats.

PPARalpha is activated by fats, including dietary fats, and according to this study PPARalpha down-regulates protein degradation. So in a strange way, eating fat may help with increasing or preserving muscle mass. I think this is a good explanation for as to why 2000 calories 150g protein 150g fat would be better for muscle mass than simply a 800 calorie diet with 150g protein.

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  1. My condolences Kindke and sorry to hear about the depression and the heartbreak.